Addon – “Trash Ya Dress” Photoshoot

Your wedding dress becomes a part of who you are and who you have and will be.  However, some brides do choose to sell their dress after their special day (to recoup at least a few of their costs) while others choose the (often expensive) dry clean and store option to pass on to daughters and granddaughters in the future.
“Trash Your Dress” is a relatively new concept (originating from the USA) that allows you to spend some more time in your beautiful gown and being able to let your hair down and have some fun in a very casual and relaxed style of photoshoot.

A “Trash Your Dress” photoshoot does not in any way mean you will destroy your gown (as the name may suggest) (unless you choose that this is the direction that you will want to take the shoot) in fact it allows you to use different locations – maybe a beach, an industrial estate, a field of dewy grass at dawn, a merry go round or even a set of swings in a playground – you will relax in the knowledge that it doesn’t matter if your dress gets wet or dirty.

Whatever the level that you would like to take your “Trash Your Dress” photoshoot, you will be given the opportunity to let your hair down while having a great time.  On your wedding day, you wanted to look beautiful, composed and elegant (and clean) where a “Trash Your Dress” photoshoot is a chance to show your fun, carefree and possibly even the sultry and seductive side of your personality.

iDo Wedding Photos will deliver you a relaxed and enjoyable “Trash Your Dress” photoshoot making the last time you wear your wedding dress an opportunity to enjoy the experiences that top fashion models experience every day.  Some ideas and links for you to ponder over and get ideas from:

An iDo Wedding Photos “Trash Your Dress” Photoshoot Addon gets you one of our professional photographers for 4 hours (you can discuss with your photographer how best you would like to use his/her services).  You will receive all photos copyright free on DVD disk, ready for you to get processed anywhere you choose.
An iDo Wedding Photos “Trash Your Dress” Photoshoot Addon price – $400.00.

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