We capture all of those loving moments and memories,
set with beautiful people in beautiful locations. As a
photographer we work never to miss these moments,
providing you lifelong memories of your special day.

Pushing the boundaries of wedding photography, to build you very special images.

iDO Wedding Photos brings you amazing images on DVD as full size copyright free images.

Capturing the most intimate moments of love ensures that our images are timeless.

Our team ensures that all photographic opportunities are used to their greatest advantage,
ensuring that our editing makes turns our beautiful images into masterpieces.

Our photographers are always on the ball to capture those
"little" moments that are even more special, those moments
that need to be captured and kept forever.

iDO Wedding Photos strives to capture every precious image, that you will treasure forever.

Our photographers will capture a gentle mix of posed and candid
photos of your special day. If you would like something different
to this, we are happy to photograph to suit your requirements.

We capture all those special times from your wedding day.

As trained professionals, our team will capture those delicate moments forever.

Wedding Photos Brisbane that is bright, fresh and professional

Here’s the best part of our impressive services.

The best part is you and your amazing day that is built upon love, devotion, friendship and a trust that is made to last forever.  Your wedding day is not only one to be remembered for the rest of your life but it is one that needs to be captured through beautiful and creative images.  You will remember your wedding day as that special day that you married your best friend, your soul mate, your partner in crime and iDO Wedding Photos would like to keep those memories alive for you forever. Our photographers will meet you on location (where applicable) before your special day to discuss with you a plan for photos for the day, you will be able to work with the photographer that will be with you on your wedding day.

As Brisbane based photographers, we regularly travel from Tweed Heads (on the Gold Coast) to Noosa (on the Sunshine Coast) and Stradbroke to Toowoomba but more importantly we work for you, it is the our responsibility to capture your wedding as you wish. Whether it be “formal wedding photographs” or “casual/candid photographs” we can and will make this happen for you just the way you want them. We regularly provide a gentle mix of the following photography styles: formal, traditional, relaxed, natural, artistic and candid. Our friendly photographers will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We also believe that the moment we take your photo that they become your photos, in each of our three affordable packages you get your photographs on disk copyright free for you to print anywhere and pay the price for prints that you would like to pay. No matter which package you choose you will receive the same professional service from every one of our photographers with the only change being the length of time that you require a photographer. We have a strict policy of not hiding our prices, on our packages page you can see exactly what you will receive and if you would like to add more we have an addons page to allow you to have choice.

We produce only amazing images

At a price that is both affordable and excellent value for money.

Shear Beauty in Wedding Photography

Is not just shot through a camera it is a process of building a rapport with our brides and grooms and continuing this through their wedding. Building an item of beauty with their photos after the wedding and presenting amazing images that they will be proud of and happy to grace the walls of their homes for many years to come. Let iDO Wedding Photos build you amazing images that you will treasure.

The importance of choosing the right photographer! 

One of the single-most important decisions that you will make when planning your wedding is to choose your wedding photographer – you are paying for a product that you will not get until after your special day.  Unlike your dress and flowers, that you get before or on the day, your photographer you are hiring on seeing a portfolio and their previous images as well as how you get along with your photographer. Open the eBook here.

Nic & Steve

Most amazing day of my life. Which I do wedding photos captured perfectly. Gerard went above and beyond on the day. Even going and purchasing umbrellas in case it rained. I love his work so much that I have referred several friends and had 2 family shoots as well.

Simmone & Daniel

Most memororable day of my life! IDO Wedding Photos – Wedding Photography Ursula Sturzaker and Gerard Marsh captured every single angle and moment of our magical day. I couldn’t of asked for better photographers! And the photos where just stunning! They have also done a family shoot for us too capturing all the precious moments. Thanks again for your wonderful work you do 11/10!

Mica & Andrew

We loved having you as photographer at our wedding! Such the perfect photographer, truly able to capture everything we wanted. We got some amazing posed shots, some wonderful candid shots, and everyone had nothing but nice things to say about how you interacted with everyone. We got so many beautiful photos, and continue to pass your name along to people we know getting married.

Cristy & Danny

I met Gerard at a wedding he was photographing. After seeing his work and talking to him I knew he was the one to capture our special day. Not only as he photographed our wedding, but many many family shoots including our baby, both extended families and many family special occasions. He always has so much patience and goes above and beyond. I have lost count of the friends and family I have referred.

Shelley & Ryan

Gerard and Ursula went above and beyond in so many ways when photographing our wedding. They felt more like guests than paid professionals due to their fun and laid back style and the ease with which they interacted with our guests. Every second of our special day was captured and every photo was perfect. I can’t recommend I Do enough and Gerard has since shot two of my other family members weddings as they were so impressed by his work.


 I was told here in New Zealand by Harvey Norman’s Photography Department what high class photos they were. Great quality.

What hidden costs is there?

At iDO Wedding Photos, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent, by letting you know exactly what prices you will pay for your photos right here on our website.  There is no hidden costs that will mysteriously appear.  Likewise our packages are sets of full size images – our prices are not “padded” up with over-priced prints etc.

Will my photographs be copyright free and can I get them printed anywhere that I want?

They most certainly are.  We work under the pretence that as soon as we photograph you, that they become your images – we retain no copyright on the images and you can print or have them printed anywhere in the world.  May we suggest that leading up to your wedding that you keep an eye on Cudo and Scoopon and watch for deals that they have for canvas, glass/metal and album printing.

How experienced are you in photographing specifically weddings?

Our photographers have had approximately 20 years experience in photographing weddings, we are definitely not newcomers to the game.  Between weddings we keep our skills honed by shooting family photos.

Have you had experience in altering plans for wet weather?

During our pre-wedding meetings, we make plans with you for your special day.  During this meeting we also make plans for wet weather changes.  Our photographers have both been in many situations where all of the initial plans need changing because of bad weather.

During the ceremony will you get in front of other guests and other key people like parents etc?

iDO Wedding Photos style is to be as unobtrusive as possible, we understand the need to stay out of the viewing line of your guests.  We regularly move around to minimise being in front of other guests.

What level of gear do you use and how much backup gear do you have?

Our team uses precision Nikon gear with full frame cameras and top of the line lenses.  These are not $500 cameras from JB HIFI they are high quality cameras.  Generally we will carry between two to three cameras that can be used with every lens if there is an issue with any camera.  We regularly have the sensors in our cameras cleaned which allows the Nikon agent to check our cameras for problems, so that we can have them repaired promptly.

You keep your best photos for your website and advertising, can I see photographs that other brides and groom have received in their packages?

Can I ask/discuss your work with your previous brides and grooms?

You sure can, the easiest way to do this is to jump onto our facebook page and simply ask the question.  We will not delete your message nor will we coach any of our brides to say good things.

How much editing do you do to our photos?

We will colour edit repeated images – leaving at least one image in full “original” colour then changing the colour/styles of the images that are copies/repeats.  We do not have a min/max limit on how many photos that we edit as part of your package.

I need to pay off our photos, can I do this before our wedding?

We are happy to allow you to pay off your photos before your wedding.

Can you tell me exactly how long you will stay for at our wedding?

Our packages are time based – you pay for a photographer to be there for a certain amount of time and that is the minimum amount of time we will be there for.

Am I allowed to make as many copies of my disks as I like?

Your disks are yours, there is no copyright on the images.  We do offer an addon to make more copies for you to make it easier for you, however you can make all the copies that you like.

What contingency plan do you have if you are sick or cannot make it to my wedding?

Our photographers work as a team to provide back fill for each other in such circumstances.  We have many other photographers that we work with that can fill in if/where needed.  You will not be without a photographer (or out of pocket) on your wedding day, we have a team in place ready to shoot.

If I want the RAW images that were photographed on the day, can I have them?

As we have outlined before that your photos are your photos, if you would like the RAW images you may have these for free.  We would need you to come and pick them up on a portable hard drive though as many of these are far too big to fit on disks.

That are copyright free for you to print when and where you want

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